Feature Post

Feature Post has two parts 1. Feature Post/Item 2.Feature Post Slider

Feature Post/Item

Enable Featured Items: You can show/hide feature posts/items(3 posts/items) which are located on the bottom of site header and top of feature slider or list posts.

Feature Post/Item

You can include three featured posts/items. Not necessarily form the same category. Just copy the link and paste on “Featured Item Url” control. Upload any image for that post or item.

Feature Post Slider

Enable Featured Sliders: You can show/hide feature slider/carousel(6 posts) which are located on the bottom of site header or Featured Post and top of list posts.

Feature Post Carousel

Select a category for slider: you can display six posts from a particular category or from all posts..

Enable Animated Text: If you enable this option, title of feature post displays as animated text.