List Post

(Recommended Plugin for Blog Post Users : Contact form 7 only)


  1. Hide Categories on Top : You can hide category or category list which are shown on the top of post
  2. ENABLE EXCERPT : You can enable excerpt on home page or front page by enabling this control otherwise all content of post will be displayed.
  3. Enable Drop Cap : You can enable drop caps on all post of home page or front page by enabling this control.
  4. Enable Related Posts on Home Page/Front Page : You can enable related post on home page or front page by enabling this control. Related posts of last four posts of home/front page will be displayed. Three related posts will be shown of each post.
2.    Post header alignment
Post header Align – Left

You can change align of post header using this option.

Post header Align – Center
3.    Post header Fonts(Pro)

You can change post header fonts using these options.

4.    Post Thumbnail Order

You can change post thumbnail position three way: 1. Top of title and meta 2. Middle of title and meta 3. bottom of meta and title.


There are two options, you can select either simple or white-shadow.

Style – White-shadow
Style – Simple

6. Number of Column

You can choose either one column layout or two column layout for home or blog front page. If you select two column layout, related post will not be displayed on home page or blog front page.

Two Column Layout


This control has five options to select – 1. thumbnail 2. Medium 3. exta medium 4. medium large 5. large 6. full.

Size – Thumbnail(smallest Size)

8. Excerpt Length

You can change length of excerpt of each post on home page/front page. Default value is 50.

9. Select a Category for Latest Post

You can select all (all categories) or particular category to display latest post on home or front page.

10. Exclude Category

This option is only applicable when you select all (category). Latest post will displayed except excluded category that you entered in this text field. You can exclude more than one category using coma as separator.

Post Meta

1.    Hide Post Meta

You can show/hide whole post meta using this option.

2. Hide Post Publication Date

You can show/hide post publication date using this option.

3. Hide Post Author

You can show/hide post author using this option.

4. Hide Leave a Comment

You can show/hide “Leave a Comment” using this option.

Post Meta Borders

You can change border color, width and style of post meta using these options.

Post Content Alignment

You can adjust align of list post content using this option. Alignment can be left, right, center or adjustment.