Site Header

Site header panel has four sections 1. Site header & site icon 2. Site title 3. Navigation 4. Header Media

Four sections of Site Header Panel

Site Header & Site Icon Section

1.    Background Color

This option enables you to change background color of site header.

2. Enable Sticky Header : Enabling ” Enable Sticky Header” checkbox you can enable sticky header

3. Sticky header background color: you can sticky header background color using this option.

4.       Alignment

This option enables you to change header elements’ alignment. 1. Menu right and branding(title/logo) left. 2. Menu left and branding(title/logo) right. 3. Menu and branding(title/logo) center. 4. Menu,branding,social-inline 5. Menu and branding(title/logo) both left 6. WooCommerce Heading-1

Header Alignment: Menu left – Branding right
“Menu, Branding, Social – Inline” – Alignment
“Menu & Branding both left” align
Menu & Branding Both Center” Alignment
Woocommerce Header-1″ alignment

Note: If “site header align” is “menu,branding,social – inline” selected, “topbar-layout”(Topbar Panel->topbar section) control will be disappeared. Topbar will contain topbar-text only. Topbar social goes to on site header area.

5.       PADDING(Pro)

This setting enables you to change padding-top and padding-bottom of site-header.

Site Title

1.    Site Title Type

This setting provides three options to select  – 1. site-title only 2. logo only  3. none.

2.       Site Title Input

You can enter title input using this option.

3.       Site Title Fonts(Pro)

You can set title fonts (font-family, font-size, font-weight, line-height, font-style) using these options.

4.       Site Title Colors

You can set text color of site title.


You can set text hover color of site title .