Blog Tutorial(Step by Step)

Now We will design the following demo –

The Gap Blog-1
By unchecked “Hide topbar” you can show the topbar.
Topbar Layout – Social only Selected. You can select any one of four.
Topbar social icon selection
Icon color and Icon background opacity changed
Short-cut button to open site header and color change to site header
Site header Alignment
Short-cut button to open site title section
Site Title input and formatting
Header Media Section Customizer(Image)
Header Media Overlay Settings
Overlay background opacity 0 and Blog description removed
Primary Menu – Main navigation
Feature Item Customizer settings
Feature Item Description
Feature Post Slider
Feature Post Carousel
Click on new post sub menu
Creating a post and category
Blog Post Panel
Recent Post
Recent post customizer
Recent Post settings
Popular Post section in Blog post panel
Widget Panel to sidebar widget – Author box widget adding
Sidebar Author-box
Adding Latest Post widget on Footer widget 1
Adding Latest Post widget on Footer widget 4
Author box widget Customizer
Footer widget Color Settings